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In today’s challenging business environment, owner and/or senior management gets distracted from its core business handling complex accounting and filing statutory returns timely.

PM Consulting provides comprehensive accounting and finance outsource services to small and mid-size companies allowing them more time to focus on the growth of their business.

Models of outsourcing:

We have two models for outsourcing of accounting services;


Under this model of accounting, the services are provided from our office premise. Majority of our clients avail this model of service. All the physical documents comes to our office and then we record periodic books of accounts in accounting software, scrutinise the ledgers, and report financial statements with client.


Under this model of accounting, our team is placed at client’s office itself, however it is supervised by us only. Usually, this model is preferred by client with a small team size requirement.

Our Services Include –

ü  Preparation of Accounts on a monthly, quarterly, half yearly and yearly basis

ü  Part-time accountant services on a retainer basis

ü  Handling management level tasks in accounting and finance at our office or in yours

ü  Financial Budgeting

ü  Preparation of Financial Statements

ü  Preparation of MIS Reports

ü  Financial Analysis

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